Designed by Privacy Professionals

A course designed by privacy professionals to give your staff the foundation they need to enable compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Who needs this course?

  • All businesses processing personal data need to comply with the GDPR
  • Everybody who processes personal data has obligations - that includes your staff

Why choose this course?

  • Your staff are your first line of defense
  • Helps your staff deliver on your compliance obligations
  • Created by experts in the data privacy field
  • Delivered online, in your place of work


Our course is created in collaboration with Esus - experts in e-learning.

What will your staff learn?

  • How to recognise personal data and special categories of personal data
  • The obligations that the business has to meet
  • The roles and responsibilities of the different parties involved in processing personal data
  • The principles of data protection
  • The rights of Data Subjects
  • Considering Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default

Why is it good for your business?

  • Confidence that your staff are able to recognise their new responsibilities and act accordingly
  • Accountability - you can demonstrate that you are making strides towards compliance
  • Efficiency - business moves slower when staff don't know what to do. Our course helps to lift the fog and equips staff to ask the right questions

Assessment & Certification

Every learner that successfully completes an assessment will be issued a certification by Fort Privacy.

This helps to demonstrate that you have given your staff the foundation they need to understand their obligations under the GDPR.

Tricia Higgins

Director, Fort Privacy

I've designed this course to help your staff quickly level up in the principles and practices of what's expected under the GDPR. A culture change starts at the top and it needs everyone in the business to row in behind it. This is what's needed to meet the challenge of doing business in a post-GDPR world.

This course clearly communicates both the spirit and the letter of what the GDPR aims to achieve. Your staff are your first line of defense and equipping them with the data protection knowledge they need is an essential step to take on your compliance journey.


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