Data Protection Services You Can Trust

At Fort Privacy, our Data Protection Experts are passionate about all matters of data privacy.

Our DPO and Data Protection services are designed around our GDPR Maturity Model Framework.

Fort Privacy is in the business of building trust. When we are helping our own clients on their path to GDPR compliance we are helping our clients do business with their customers -  we believe that’s all about trust. After all people do business with people they trust.

So we understand why it is important for a business to comply with data protection laws like GDPR and CCPA and more importantly as data protection experts we have years of experience helping our clients comply not just for the sake of compliance but for the benefit of the business.

We don’t stand still because our clients don’t stand still – we are constantly redefining and improving our service as we grow.

When you do business with Fort Privacy, you will have a partner you can trust.


Developed by Fort Privacy to address a much needed gap in data protection compliance practice, the Maturity Model Framework brings much needed structure to the data protection program and provides a way to measure how effective it is.

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EuroPriSe Privacy Seal

EuroPriSe Privacy Seal is an EU wide privacy certification for IT products and IT-based services that tells your customers at a glance that your product or service is compliant with the GDPR.

Fort Privacy are proud to be EuroPriSe Privacy Seal experts

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