Why Outsource your DPO?

Its cost effective – compared to training someone in-house

Its structured – we deliver the right level of operational discipline to your data protection activities

Its specialised – we offer a level of expertise that’s difficult to develop within the organisation

It’s a team effort - You gain access to a multidisciplinary team who are all GDPR experts

Our clients enjoy comfort and reassurance that they have placed their trust in the right hands with Fort Privacy’s Outsourced Data Protection Officer (ODPO) service!

The Fort Privacy ODPO Service

The Fort Privacy Outsourced DPO service is designed around our Privacy Maturity Model Framework. This is what sets our ODPO service apart from the competition.

The Fort Privacy Maturity Model Framework brings much-needed structure to the data protection program and provides a way to measure how effective it is.

Applying the Maturity Model helps to drive the culture of data protection in the organisation, secure buy-in from senior management, enhance the reputation of the organisation, ensure clear delegation of responsibilities and identify measurements for success. 

When you appoint a Fort Privacy ODPO you get: 

  • A (Data Protection Officer) DPO who has the appropriate expertise to fulfil the requirements of the role.
  • Access to the expertise of the Fort Privacy team. You get a TEAM not just one person.
  • No need to worry about employee turnover, holidays or sickness. Fort Privacy is always available.
  • The benefit of our experience to ensure that you receive the most up to date information, documents and advice to enable compliant data processing.
  • The benefit of applying the Fort Privacy Maturity Model Framework

Our Process

We Deliver:


  • A structured programme built around the Fort Privacy Maturity Model Framework
  • A 12-month project plan addressing key deliverables for the programme
  • A repository of policies and supporting documents as evidence of your compliance programme


  • Monthly progress reports and quarterly senior management/board reports

Essential Training

  • Your staff get access to appropriate training from your appointed Data Protection Officer
  • We help build your team of privacy champions across the core functions of your business


  • If your appointed GDPR Data Protection Officer is unavailable you still have support from the team

Up-to-date information

  • we communicate with the data protection commissioner on your behalf
  • we keep abreast of official advice and keep you up-to-date

Contact Us

The relationship we build with you is one of our core values – and our core value-add! We understand your business so you can call on us when you need extra help – like when you are introducing new products or services or restructuring your business, acquiring new partners or suppliers or just when something goes wrong and you have to fix it.

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